Monday, February 7, 2011


WOOO HOOO!!! That's Right! PACKERS WON!!! But boy was it a nail-biter... :P The entire second half I was pretty much under a blanket. HA! 
 Here we all are after the Packers WIN! On the far left is our church friend Bill who came to join us in the super bowl watching. :)
 Mummy and Daddy watching all the post game celebrations!!!
HAHA! Bill is probably texting people or something about the game's outcome! WOOT!!! :)
HAPPY FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This picture was taken at the last Super Bowl the Packers won. HAHA! 14 years ago... :P 
The people in this photo from left to right: my cousin Tatum, Gramma, Me, cousin Jeshua (Tatum and Jeshua are twins), my sister Brianna, Papa, and cousin Bekah (who was born 2 days before me). My Gramma and Papa gave us grandchildren all Packer sweaters the Christmas of the winning year! Funny, huh? HA!

And here's what we look like at THIS Super Bowl Win!
People in this pic from left to right: Mom, Me, and Dad... as if you couldn't figure that out. ;) HA!
HAHA! Look, Rodgers got a Championship Belt! :) That is so cool! 

Well, I hope you had as good a Sunday as I did! Now to go on with a busy week. :P

Taylor Kay


Createology said...

How fun to have your team win the Super Bowl. Even more special is the photo of 14 years prior. Happy February Hearts...

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Taylor! I'm happy your Packers won! Yay...happy dance...Go Packers!...LOVE your cake in the post below. Gosh, that's so pretty and so delicious looking too! Have a fun week! :D Paulette