Friday, September 30, 2011

Blogtoberfest 2011!

And so begins another blogland adventure! It's that time of year again. Time for...


It is a blog-wide challenge to post daily in the month of October! If you are interested in joining or just want to check things out, visit Tinnie Girl to find some more information!

The fun shall begin TOMORROW, October 1st!!!

Happy Blogging! :) 
Taylor Kay 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Morning Off = CAKE!

So, yesterday I had the whole afternoon off! I asked myself, do I want to sit around all day watching movies? Or do I actually want to accomplish something? As you can see from the above picture, I chose to do option #2! Well, I rolled myself out of bed at the horrifying hour of 9 and started on a cake! :)

It is a Cherry Chip cake. I have never made one that flavor before, and I wouldn't know if it tastes good because we have not eaten it yet. HA!

Hmm... so something went wrong while it was baking. I am not exactly sure what happened. So far as I can tell the side of the cake had a hole in it so that when the batter rose up that high it all just kind of spilled out the side! Luckily, I had some mini cupcakes in there too and I caught it before too much batter got on the bottom of the oven. But now when something is baking in there, it smells kind of like burnt marshmallows. Haha!
But, in the end, it was a successful cake! And I felt like I used my morning off wisely. :)

Have a wonderful rest of the night! I am going to go start knitting a washcloth! :D
Taylor Kay

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby Showers and Yellow Duckies!

Well, my friend Teona is having a baby soon! In fact, her due date is ONE WEEK from TODAY!!! WOOO!!! :D 
So last month she had her baby shower. And I got the honor of making her cake and cupcakes!!! 
And what would be better for a baby shower than a DUCK! This was the first time I made a cake with this particularly cute ducky pan. It was super fun to make and I enjoyed frosting it very much! I can't wait to make this cake again! :)
And here is Teona dear standing next to her cupcakes! In case you couldn't tell by the PINK colors, she is having a GIRL! Her name is Olivia LeAnna. Isn't that such a beautiful name??
I figured that every baby's room needs a few pegs to hang clothes, bags, and blankets on. So I took it upon myself to make this Name Peg wall hanging! It was super fun to make because I found all these CUTE little girl papers for the letters. There's shoes and polka dots and stripes... ADORABLE! I love it, and Teona does too! :)
And here we all are. THE GROUPIE! Me, Skye, Teona, and Savannah. We have been friends since 6th grade! I love them all. :)
Me and Teona. :)

 Well, I hope you have a wonderful Thursday! It's a beautiful day outside, nice and crispy cold. But, I must go to work... :P Ah well, make it a GREAT day! :D
Taylor Kay

Friday, September 16, 2011

What's On YOUR Needles?

What's on your needles today?
Today, I have a purple slouchy hat! I absolutely LOVE slouchy hats and I found a pattern book the other week that has about 6 patterns for them! WOO!!! I was so exciting, I just HAD to start one! :)
I love this pattern. It is simple yet... what's the word... elegant? No that's too formal. Anyways, I just love it! And it's reversible too! So when I'm all done you can wear it with the knit stitches out, or with the purl stitches out. Pretty sweet, huh?
I am actually hoping to use this rare day off to finish it. *crosses fingers* We shall see! :)
  So, I better get down to it! 
Have a wonderful Friday! :)

 Taylor Kay