Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blogtoberfest 2010!

Well everyone, I joined Blogtoberfest! 
I am pretty excited about it! I think it will be a lot of fun to post every day and get to know other people! 
I just sounded super cool to me, so I am going to try it out! 
Hopefully I have enough to post... Oh I will! October is full of all kinds of fun!!! :)

Here, visit Tinniegirl's Blog to learn a little more about Blogtoberfest! 
Let the fun times begin!!! :D

Taylor Kay

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Fall Of Summer

I recently did a little photo shoot with Skye to capture the transitioning period between summer and fall. I still wanted green in the trees, but I also wanted some yellow and a little bit of orange. 
I like to call it the Fall of Summer... pretty catchy right? :)

Isn't it just beautiful? I love the water
All these pictures were taken at Pamperin Park in Green Bay

This little waterfall is just the coolest. It spans the entire length of the river... Not sure which river though. 
I love those bright green colors! They look like they are just about ready to turn yellow

The wind blew Skye's hair just as I was taking the picture... PERFECT! I love it! :)
This is me jumping for joy because summer is almost over, which means it's that much closer to WINTER! (My favorite season.)

Taking time to smell the last flowers of the year
It was a nice day, very windy though, but nice! :)

My Recent Knit Project!
I just finished this little dishcloth tonight. It is the cutest! I love the little girl on it! 
I got the pattern from Rachel's Knitting Corner
I like knitting dishcloths because they are fairly quick and easy!
This one was especially FUN! 
I enjoyed knitting it very much! :)

As I said before in a previous post, I am a Colts fan! 
They won their game today against the Denver Broncos... WOOT WOOT!!!
Personally, I think it's because I was wearing my new Colts SOCKS! Aren't they just AMAZING?? ... I kind of have a thing for socks... :) 
And my PERSONALIZED Colts Sideline Hat! It has the number 18 on the side for my FAVORITE player Peyton Manning!!! I LOVE HIM! Ha! 

So, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you have a great week too! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Taylor Kay

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hats Hats I Love Hats!!!


Here is my latest project that I just finished last night! 
This is a beanie hat made with a seed-stitch pattern! 
It actually took me a long time to make... which annoyed me a bit. But it's mostly because I am just slow. HA! 
It can also be worn like a slouch hat! I find this very incredibly cute, yes? :)
And it's almost like it was supposed to be worn like a slouch too! Crazzzy
And don't I have the most beautiful hat model?? LOVE YOU MOM!! 

This is a yet-to-be-finished project
I just absolutely fell in LOVE with Lionbrand's Glitterspun yarn... BEAUTIFUL!!! And this headband was incredibly simple to make
To finish it, I have to make little bead strands to hang from the part that is folded over. I can't WAIT for this to be finished! I think it will look GREAT! 


Today, I hung out with my good friend Skye! That can only mean one thing... CRAZY!!!

Yup, we both bought ANIMAL HATS!!! Aren't they just the CUTEST?? I love mice!!! :)
Well... The teeter-totter was surrounded by a lake... 
But that wasn't about to stop Skye from trying to have some fun!
I'm sorry Skye... I tried to move the water... It just didn't work. :( 
You know... sometimes I can't help feeling like a mouse. HA!
Yes, I think this hat is DEFINITELY worthy to be added to my collection! :D 


I have worn hats for my whole life! And have conjured quite the collection.
I feel a little like that one book about the hat peddler. Any of you know that story? Well, it's no wonder it was one of my favorite books!  

I guess it would be safe to say that I am kind of a hat freak in many many ways. :)

If you want to know a little more about my good friend Skye here, she has just recently joined the blog world! :) 
Here's the link: Fuzzie Bee's Meadow 
She is here to have fun, too!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Taylor Kay

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Packers, and Hats, and Blocks... OH MY!

P-A-C-K! What's That Spell? GO PACK GO!!!
Yup, I live in Green Bay and have been a Packers fan ALL my life! :)
Today they played their second game of the season and TOASTED the Buffalo Bills! WOOT!!! 

Donald Driver All The Way! 
 My 3 favorite Packers :
Donald Driver
Aaron Rodgers 
Clay Matthews 

Anyways, enough about the Packers. Do you see the HAT I'm wearing? 
I just finished this lovely project today! I tell you what... I bought yarn to make another... and I don't think I will be doing another one for a while. This was very very VERY annoying. Ha! But it turned out super cute!
The yarn that I chose for this hat is a little softer than the yarn called for in the pattern. The brim on the front is supposed to be a little more... stiff I guess. But I still think it's cute! 
You'd think I would learn that when I am working on a cable stitch pattern, I need to use a solid color yarn... Haven't quite learned that yet. Oh Well! 

Here's some of my projects from this past week!

This is made just out of a block of wood I bought from the craft store. The plain white paper actually has some glitter on it that you can't see very well in this picture. I absolutely LOVE the little rose thing (not sure what to call it). And KEYS!!! :)

This is also made from a block of wood. I wasn't going to put that little pendant on there originally, but while I was experimenting I thought it looked perfect! The sides are also sprayed with a gold shimmer that you can't see well in the pictures. It made the wood closer to the color of the paper.

GUESS WHAT! This is made from a block of wood too. :) This was my official first project of this kind. I really like how it turned out. Especially the little dreaming angel! The flower in the corner was handmade also. The sides were painted white, but not completely. I liked having a little of the original wood color still showing.

So, that's what I've been up to this week! I am also working to finish a couple more KNIT HATS! So, stay tuned for more of those!!

Have an awesome Sunday!
I will be spending the rest of mine watching the Indianapolis Colts vs. the New York Giants! Manning vs. Manning! (I am also a HUGE Colts fan... So... GO COLTS!!!)
:) :) :)
Taylor Kay

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

White Wednesday Weddings

Let's go back a few years... to May 13th 1989.
The Day Of My Parent's Wedding!

My mom  is so beautiful! Her wedding dress is so elegant.
 Here is my grandpa, her dad. Probably so incredibly proud to have such a lovely daughter and a HANDSOME new son-in-law. :)
Making their vows. It's so sweet, and I don't know if dad wants me to tell anyone but here it is all over the internet, he choked up saying his. I love watching the video because I think it's so sweet!
Walking out of the church! I love the look on dad's face. He's just like "Yeah, that's right, this is MY wife!" :D 
You And Me...
Me And You...
Both Of Us TOGETHER!!! 
Here's the CAKE! Isn't it fancy? :)
Good thing he didn't wipe it all over her face. Ha! Not sure she would have liked that.
So, there it was. The most memorable day of my mom and dad's life, besides the day that I was born. Ha! Cuz lord knows I am just a wonderful package of memories! ;)

A while ago, I had an enormous urge to try on my mom's wedding dress. Sooo... I DID!!! 
This is me at age 18 and my mom was 21 when she got married
I have been told that I look like her! I am SO happy that I do, cuz I think she is just gorgeous! :) What do you think?

Here it is, the book that holds all the memories of that WONDERFUL day!
I love all the LACE! 

So, my friends, I hope you have a wonderfully White Wednesday!
Don't forget to visit Faded Charm to see other people's White Wednesday Fun!! 

Thanks for stopping by!! :)
Taylor Kay