Thursday, December 30, 2010

--What I've Been Up To--

Well, I really haven't posted alot lately. Christmas was just sooooooooo busy! But, now that it's over, I finally have time to show you what I was doing all of December! :)
I made hats for all of my uncles for Christmas!
All the patterns that I used were my own!
I just used a simple pattern to start it and make the increases!
Each one of the hats was specially made to what I thought each person would like! 
So, in the end, we had a simple beanie hat, a hat with ear flaps, and a hat with a pom pom on top!

And what a great head model I have, right? 
Big thanks to my dad for being so cooperative as I put hats all over his head. :)

TOMORROW IS NEW YEAR'S EVE!!! Hope you all have a wonderful night and a Happy New Year! :D

Taylor Kay

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You say "Potato", I say "Potato... CANDY!"

Last night Mom made my FAVORITE Christmas cookie, POTATO CANDY! Is it really a cookie though? Hm... I think it's more of a Christmas Sweet! :D It's basically powdered sugar and peanut butter. Even just the sound of it curls your teeth! ;)
We had to chill the candy overnight. So TONIGHT Mom cut it up! Apparently it was kind of hard because she is using a butcher's knife... HAHA! :) Gotta love it! 
Well, we got it all packed away and back in the fridge now! It will last a long time cuz you can really only eat one piece at a time because it is just so SWEET! Hehe! :) I can't wait to have another piece tomorrow!
I hope you have a Wonderfully Sweet rest of the week! 
BARELY A WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! :D :D :D Just a little excited... ;) 

Taylor Kay

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Time Is Here!

Christmas Time Is Here
Happiness And Cheer
Fun For All That Children Call
Their Favorite Time Of Year!
Today I wrapped this year's FIRST Christmas presents! I am SO TOTALLY in the mood right now!!! I would wrap all the presents I have right now if only I didn't have to work. :)
How fitting that the first presents are to my Mom and Dad! 
Buying gifts and wrapping them is one of my favorite things to do this time of year. I just LOVE it!!! 
I am pumped because I have almost EVERYONE done or I have an idea for them. :D :D :D I am early this year. HAHA!
Christmas Time Is Here
We'll Be Drawing Near
Oh, That We Could Always See
Such Spirit Through The Year!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend! :)

Taylor Kay

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Last Cake Class!

My last cake class in the Flowers and Cake Design course was this last Monday, so here is my final cake! 
It is a spice cake with apple pie filling. It is actually 2 batches of cake mix because I had to make 2 cakes. This had to be 3 inches tall... WOAH! I tell you what, this cake was MASSIVE! It was 10" by 3". Oh it was so heavy too... HAHA! And it was really terrible because the bottom fell out of BOTH cakes... :P So basically it is 4 layers of cake held together by frosting. I was so scared that one of the sides was just going to totally fall apart. But, the decorating went WONDERFUL! All of the frosting is my homemade buttercream. YUM! :)
I shared my cake with my knitting friends again. De Ja Vu? I shared my last final cake with them too! HEHE! Anyways, needless to say as soon as we cut into the cake it fell apart... HAHA! I knew it was coming. But, it still tasted good! :)
If I use this cake pan again, I am DEFINITELY NOT doing 2 layers... HAHA! This was a little too big for me. :)
Well, I hope you have a wonderful night... again! (in case you didn't read my last post, that wish was for you!)

Taylor Kay

Birthday Present!

I know my mom's birthday was like 2 weeks ago and I only just NOW posted her present. What can I say, I've been busy with Christmas preparations! :) 
Anyways, I knitted this hat for my mummy! She knew that I was knitting it for her, but she just didn't know that it was going to be her birthday present. HA! 
When I finished it, it actually looked super small... I was upset. But I gave it to her anyway. There was enough yarn left that I would be able to make another one bigger. LUCKILY, it stretched when she put it on and it's a PERFECT FIT!!! :D I was ecstatic! ... Is that the right word? HAHA! 
When the new year comes, I am debating on challenging myself to knit one hat a day. We shall see how this goes. :) 

Oh, and speaking of birthdays, IT IS AARON RODGERS BIRTHDAY TODAY!

Have a wonderful night!

Taylor Kay