Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cocoa Fudge Cupcakes

HOORAY! I have successfully made my FIRST batch of cupcakes from scratch! I was a bit worried at first, but I got over it right till the end when I didn't know if I had beaten the egg whites enough... AHHH!!! Good thing Mom was right downstairs to help me out. HAHA! 
Yes, these cupcakes were CHOCOLATE! Cocoa Fudge to be exact. They tasted super good and I was so happy that they did. :)
It was actually a lot of fun for me. I have never been much of a baker, but I think I might enjoy it someday. HAHA! 
 Ahh, such a beautiful cupcake. :) I love cupcakes so much. HAHA! THEY ARE SO YUMMY!!!!! YAHHHHH!!!!!
Anyways, crazy ranting is done for now... ;)
I did not make the frosting for the cupcakes... it was from a can. We didn't have any Crisco, so I used what I had. 
I noticed that the frosting in a can is incredibly creamy... it got me to thinking why my buttercream is not as... creamy... It reminds me of what my cake decorating teacher said once... "If you want a more creamy frosting just to ice a cake or put on cupcakes, use 1/2 cup Crisco and 1/2 butter instead of a whole cup of Crisco." AH-HA! Brilliance! So I shall just have to try that at some point. HAHA! 
Anyways, hope you have a wonderfully SWEET weekend! :)

Taylor Kay

Monday, February 7, 2011


WOOO HOOO!!! That's Right! PACKERS WON!!! But boy was it a nail-biter... :P The entire second half I was pretty much under a blanket. HA! 
 Here we all are after the Packers WIN! On the far left is our church friend Bill who came to join us in the super bowl watching. :)
 Mummy and Daddy watching all the post game celebrations!!!
HAHA! Bill is probably texting people or something about the game's outcome! WOOT!!! :)
HAPPY FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This picture was taken at the last Super Bowl the Packers won. HAHA! 14 years ago... :P 
The people in this photo from left to right: my cousin Tatum, Gramma, Me, cousin Jeshua (Tatum and Jeshua are twins), my sister Brianna, Papa, and cousin Bekah (who was born 2 days before me). My Gramma and Papa gave us grandchildren all Packer sweaters the Christmas of the winning year! Funny, huh? HA!

And here's what we look like at THIS Super Bowl Win!
People in this pic from left to right: Mom, Me, and Dad... as if you couldn't figure that out. ;) HA!
HAHA! Look, Rodgers got a Championship Belt! :) That is so cool! 

Well, I hope you had as good a Sunday as I did! Now to go on with a busy week. :P

Taylor Kay

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday... GO PACK GO!!! ... Would you like some cake?

Ok, before I go on a total Packers rampage, I am gonna talk about a cake that I made. :) HAHA! So, our choir director at church has now stopped being choir director. There was a thing said for him at a meeting today and I was asked to make a cake. So, of course, I LOVED the idea of making a cake! HA! 
Oh My Goodness... this is by far the most annoying cake I have made yet. HAHA! The main problem was... it was chocolate. Any cake decorator KNOWS that chocolate cake is the DEATH of all cake decorating if you don't do things right. Well, let's just say I didn't do it right. There was crumbs EVERYWHERE! I thought I didn't need a crumb coat... but I totally did! So what should have taken only 2 batches of frosting ended up taking 4 because I had to throw most of the first 2 batches out... :P 
But, with my mom's help, it all turned out just great! Everyone at church absolutely LOVED it! I am not much of a sweets person so I didn't try it myself... HAHA! Yeah... I know... Crazy. ;)

Anyways... Now it's time for...

 Oh my goodness, I am so excited for the Super Bowl TODAY!!! 
Up above you see Aaron Rodgers doing his famous CHAMPIONSHIP BELT move... :) HAHA! Let's hope we see a lot of that tonight, yes?
 HAHAHA! Kind of a failed Lambeau Leap... But HEY at least he tried! :D
So my family is having FONDUE... is that how you spell that? HAHA! And we are having a few people come over from church. It should be a pretty exciting time! 
 Alright... How can you compete against a FLYING QUARTERBACK??? HAHA! If you can believe it, he actually completed this pass to someone... I think... HA! I am pretty sure he did. AWESOME!!!!!!! :D 
 I love the throwback jerseys. They look so COOL! My dad actually has an Aaron Rodgers one. It's pretty stinking awesome! And I love that the helmets are brown. They are brown because this jersey is from WAAAY back when there were those leather helmets instead of the new ones now. Pretty interesting, huh? Yes, yes it is! :)
That's right, Rodgers! You spike that ball after running in for a touchdown! My goodness... I sure hope we see a lot of ball-spiking tonight from the Packers! 


Well, I hope all of you have a WONDERFUL Super Bowl Sunday!!!... Except you Steelers fans... HAHA!

Taylor Kay