Friday, March 25, 2011

What Is That? An Elf?

And here is my latest knitted hat creation! It was really fun to knit...
 ...And even more fun to pose for! ;) Tho, it was really hard to keep so many stitches on my double point needles... GARRR!!! I wish I had the circular needle in the size I needed... would have been so much easier!
What... WHAT... WHAT??? I can say my mind was a little... messed up... after the stress this hat was giving me. HAHA! Buy, man oh man, I was happy to get it DONE! ;)
This hat actually does fit my head, it was just having some issues due to my ponytail. HA! So it is an average size, I'd say.

Here's another hat made with the same pattern, just a little smaller with some minor changes
I think it will be super cute for some little girl to wear! :)

Both of these hats are being given to my church for Warm The Children. At the end of April, I think, we will be sending them somewhere in Europe... I don't really know where. But YEAH! I will probably try to squeeze out a couple more hats before then. WOOT! 

Well, hope you had a great Friday!

Taylor Kay

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Effects of Boredom


I'm so glad Fat Lump is such a good sport. ;)
Now... this is actually a skirt, but Lump is so FAT it didn't even go up past his legs... HAHA! But HEY, at least he's a PACKER FAN!!! :)

HAHA! He was licking the booties. 
 Little Red Riding Lump!
Oh my goodness... He fell off the couch! I felt so bad... HAHA! But I laughed... and then felt bad about that too. I decided to stop here and give him some love. Luckily he still is meowing at me and wants to cuddle, so he doesn't completely hate me. :) Let's just hope I don't get too bored again...  HA!

Taylor Kay

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hippo Birdie Two Ewe

 Yup! It was my sister Brianna's birthday on March 13th. She turned the big 2-0... CRAZY!!! But it was a fun time! :)
 This was actually the first square cake that I have ever done. I actually kind of like it... but not as much as a circle cake. HAHA! And, I also bought this cool frosting tip that makes frosting the cake super easy. It worked AMAZING! All I had to do was spread it smooth and stuff. Definitely a good investment. 
 Anyways, the cake was chocolate and I filled it with chocolate pudding. MMM it was so yummy! It had real nice texture too. If you look at the edge where I cut the piece out, you will see the the top and sides all have the same amount of frosting. That is thanks to that frosting tip I bought! LIFE SAVER!!! ;)
Well, it was a great time, good cake, and Bri loved it! And really that's all that matters. :)

Au Revoir! 

Taylor Kay

Exchanging Gifts! :)

So I was just out shopping with my Gramma one day and I came across these CUTE little bunnies! In case you don't know my mom, she LOOOVES bunnies. HA! So I decided to buy them for her because they were just TOO cute to pass up. :) I also found that necklace for her, which is just her style. It was too perfect to be true. HAHA! 
I am guessing in exchange for my thoughfulness... (hehe!)... she started making me a backpack that I have wanted for a few months now! YAAAY!!! 
This was my mom's first time putting a picture on fabric straight from our computer printer. I think it's safe to say that it turned out wonderfully! :)
By this time in the making process, I was convinced that this was the most AMAZING backpack/purse thing in the WHOLE WORLD!!! I mean... what could be better? It's black and white, has awesome flowers on it, AND AUDREY HEPBURN!!! :D 
Yup, it's one of those bags where the straps close together. It's hard to explain but you know what I mean. HAHA! :) This is now my summer bag! It's awesome and I LOVE it!!!
Ahh, can't forget the finishing touch! BOWS!!! Oh my goodness... I love bows. Just when you thought this bag couldn't get any more awesome... Mom adds bows... AHHH!!! :D I am sooooooo happy that she made this for me!
I love my mom. :)

Well, hope you have a wonderful night! 

Taylor Kay