Monday, January 31, 2011

Where Have All The Staplers Gone... What Happened To Our Paper Clips...?

HAHA! I know it's totally random and has nothing to do with my post, but I couldn't think of a title for it. So, when I came up with using the song lyrics, I just HAD to show you all the song! :) It is one of my FAVORITE Veggie Tales Songs

Ok, down to business here.
Recognize the picks? 
YUP! There was a baby shower yesterday that I made cupcakes for. Those annoying little picks made a nice decoration for them. They are all frosted with my homemade buttercream frosting. I think everyone enjoyed them
 Above are some people who were at the shower. Below on the left is the NEW MOM! Her name is Maria. On the right is Karmin, who helped organize the party
AND HERE HE IS! THE LITTLE MAN! His name is Anastasios. He was 6 oz. when he was born and 18" long. He is such a tiny little guy, and so adorable! :)
 It was time to play the MOST EXCITING GAME... 
Pass The Baby! :) hehe!

 Anastasios and Annabelle. I just thought this was the sweetest picture! :) 

So, there was my weekend! Full of cupcakes and stuffed with cuteness!

Keep an eye out for any stray staplers... I am still looking for mine. ;) HAHA! 
Have a wonderful day!

Taylor Kay

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Strings and Toothpicks and Birds... OH MY!!!

So me and my mom were doing some Thursday Night Crafting tonight! She has a blog too! If you would like to visit her and all her craftiness click HERE!
We brought a bunch of her tools up from out of the freezer-box-basement so we could work in warmth... HAHA!
I have got to admit, it is super hard to tie a really tiny string around a toothpick... I wouldn't suggest it if you wish to keep your sanity
 And VOILA! 2 hours later and we have little picks! :)
You may be wondering what these picks are for, but that will just have to wait! MUAHHAHA! (that was my evil laugh, hehe!)
Remember when I was talking about keeping your sanity? HAHA! THIS is what would happen to you if you had to tie 50 strings around 50 toothpicks.
It will drive you coo-coo! (Yes, pun intended!)
And the lovely pile of annoying little picks all finished. HAHA!
And, somehow, after all that torture I still manage to squeak a smile. :)
Hope you have a wonderful night!
And stay away from strings and toothpicks. ;)

Taylor Kay

Sunday, January 23, 2011

PACKER EXCITEMENT!!! And a couple of hats on the side! :)


That's right! The Packers are going to the SUPERBOWL!!! This is all so exciting for me!!! :D :D :D I was too young to remember the last SuperBowl that they won, back in '97, so this is like SUPER AWESOME!!! 

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Ok, ok, ok, down to business here. :) A friend at church just had a baby, his name is Anastasios, and the church ladies are throwing a baby shower for her next Sunday. Sooo, I just HAD to make a couple of little hats for the little man! 
Hehe! I just LOVE this little stem on the top of this hat!!! It is just so darn CUTE! :D So, if I had a hat with a stem on top, I just HAD to make one with a little pom pom too! :)
   I actually created both of these hat patterns myself. I used a pattern for a newborn hat just to see about how many stitches to cast on and what weight to use, but these two are my own creations! I am kinda sorta proud of them :) Haha! Should I feel bad about that? 
Anyways, it's a little late and I am tired out from all the cheering for my  
Hope you had a GREAT weekend! :)

Taylor Kay

Sunday, January 16, 2011

GO PACK GO Birthday Cake!

 Wooo! GO PACKERS!!! 
So, my sister's boyfriend, Ben, is a HUGE football/Packers fan. So, I knew exactly what cake I was going to make for his birthday! :D
 This was my first try at making a cake that wasn't completely flat on top. Sure I made a circle cake and a heart cake... But NEVER something like this. IT WAS SUPER FUN! 
I had a great time making this cake and it turned out WaaaY better than I expected. :D
 What the cake was and stuff was kept completely secret from Ben while I was decorating it, and I think he was very happy with how it turned out! :)
:D :D :D
It's all so exciting!
We... Could... Go... All... The... WAAAYYY!!!
Hope you all have a FANTASTIC Packer weekend! :)

 Taylor Kay

A New Year's Eve Birthday Cake

 My friend Teona's birthday is on New Year's Eve! So, I made her a little cake! I know it's not very New Year's Eve-y, but hey what can you do? :)
It is just a white cake mix and is frosted and decorated with my homemade buttercream icing. I tried to make the flowers look like those Hawaiian flowers because Teona love Hawaii. Did it work? Even if it didn't, they are still really cute! :)
I also tried to make it look like the flowers were falling off the sides of the cake. I have some actually on the side and a few half on top and half on the side. I think it all turned out good!
 And Teona liked it so that's all that counts! 

Taylor Kay