Thursday, January 14, 2016

Must Love Cakes!

Hello All!
So, it has been a crazy crazy couple of weeks. I have been preparing to make my first 2 tier cake. One of my very good friends is getting married and they've asked Bri and I to make their wedding cake! It's very exciting! :) I've decided that this would be a good opportunity to post some of my recent cakes. 
Back in October, Bri and Ben found out the gender of their baby! It was pretty cool because they weren't actually told, they just had the nurse put the gender in an envelope. Then I came that night and they gave it to me. So, basically I was the only one who knew and I made a cake with a colored frosting filling (pink for girl, blue for boy).
  Bri made her ever famous and delicious white cake and I frosted with my homemade buttercream. The sides are a basket weave design with pink and blue colored frosting. Bri found the design for the top online, and I'm very happy with how it turned out! :)
Up next is a cake I made for mom's birthday in November.
It was a coconut supreme cake (coconut cake with coconut pudding added in with some other stuff), with a coconut pudding filling and frosted with my homemade buttercream. I pressed shaved coconut onto the sides as well. It was delicious by the way! :) I LOVE COCONUT!!
And the final cake was for Ben's birthday at the end of December.
 It's a STAR WARS Cake!! That's right! Ben is obsessed with Star Wars, especially now that the new movie is out. I made BB-8 out of a cupcake and a cake pop. It was pretty fun actually, but pretty complicated. The cake itself is just a white cake with my buttercream. I wanted to try something new and used Color Mist to color it black. It didn't turn out quite the way I wanted, so I dabbed some off the top. It ended up being a pretty neat effect, dad said it was like a planet he was on or something, so it worked!
 We ate the cake up in Door County. Here is Leila girl! She likes cake. A Lot. Haha!
Anyways, there's my recent cakes! I will be doing a post once the wedding cake is done! Hopefully it turns out as good as the picture I have in my head for how I want to decorate it. :)
Well, enjoy your evening! 
I will continue watching the new Sherlock special "The Abominable Bride".

Taylor Kay 

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