Friday, April 1, 2016

Holy Chocolate Cake Pops, Batman!!

Good Afternoon! 
So yesterday I went over to Bri's and we worked on cake stuff ALL DAY! 
But this post will focus on the cake pops we made.
 We had extra chocolate cake from one Bri made a while ago, and if you read my last blog post you would know I had extra chocolate buttercream :) 
So, no joke, we made TRIPLE CHOCOLATE CAKE POPS!! Bri is calling them our Mudslide Cake Pops. 
Bri is an absolute PRO at making cake pops. All I really did was document the experience. Ha! 
I have no patience for this ;)
But we have discovered the secret to making sure the chocolate coating doesn't crack once its hardened! That was a pet peeve of ours when we make these, cuz for some reason they were always CRACKING! It was annoying... 
Check them out! :) So you've got a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, coated with chocolate and rolled in crushed oreos and mini chocolate chips! YUUUUUM!!!
Not even kidding you, Bri and I had a Frozen Moment ;) We literally did this
Aaand I feel I connect well with Anna, cuuuz this is basically me... stuffing my face with these cake pops... ;)

I tell you what tho, these are my FAVORITE cake pops that we have made so far! THEY ARE AMAZING!!! If you are a chocolate lover, like me, you will fall out of whatever chair you are sitting in when you try these! ;) Haha!
 Now we will eat them tonight to celebrate Mom's last day of work! And we will all be in a wonderful chocolate coma by the time the night is thru. 
Well, hope you enjoy your evening! I know I will ;) 

Taylor Kay

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