Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas!

Is it too early for Christmas songs? I think not!!! :D

I saw this year's FIRST SNOW in Marshfield, WI. I was visiting my family there and it started snowing on Sunday. Of course none of it actually stayed on the ground for very long, but it was still fun to watch! The flakes were big and poofy! :) It got me in the Christmas Mood!

This is a look at my Great Grandma's house across the street. Do you see the tiny little white specks? Yup, that be snow! This was before it really started to fall.
This picture was taken from my Grandma's living room window. Her backyard bench already had a tiny layer of snow on it! 
Ha! You can see all the snowflakes streaking across the picture. :)
All the white lines that go across the backyard is snow that stuck for a little bit. I think it looks kinda cool like that

 November 14th
Marshfield Wisconsin's First Snow

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! :D
I hope Green Bay gets some snow soon! It will inspire me to do some Christmas shopping. HAHA!

Have an awesome (hopefully snow-filled) day!

Taylor Kay

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Sue said...

Oh how pretty to have snow at christmas. I will be sitting here thinking of you in the snow whilst I will be wishing it wont be a super hot christmas this year.