Friday, November 5, 2010


Tonight I had to babysit Katherine! She is the daughter of a family from my church. Quite the exciting girl... never a dull moment. :)        
 We had lots of fun tonight... MAKING CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!! :D 
These are for a party we are throwing at my house on Sunday night for the Packer game! So, of course, we had to color the cupcakes green and yellow! GO PACKER SPIRIT!!!
It was an eventful evening. While the cupcakes were baking, we watched a movie called The Secret Of Kells. It was rated the #1 animated movie last year or something. It was actually really good! I liked it! It's one of Katherine's favorite movies, so therefore I just HAD to see it. :)
Katherine's Quote Of The Night:
After my dad called out to her saying "WOMAN!!" she says, "I AM NOT A WOMAN!!!" 
HA! Such an entertaining child. :)

Have an amazing weekend!

Taylor Kay


Anonymous said...

aw i miss this girl!!!!!!

hannah jeffers :)

Anna Patricia said...

HAHAHA, she's got spunk :) It's nice to work with children in the kitchen, I'm a Montessori teacher and I will definitely teach them these practical life lessons.