Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my Mom! She turned the big 2-9 today... ;) Hehe! Just kidding. Don't know that she would want me posting her age on the internet tho. HAHA! Anyways, go take a visit to her blog, Raspberries and Rose Petals, and wish her a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ... if you want. :)
Anyways, I made her cake!!! It is a french vanilla cake with raspberry jam filling, by her personal request. All the frosting is buttercream. This was my first time making roses with buttercream. I tell you what... they are super annoying! It is hard to get the right consistency so that they aren't all crumbly. :P 
Brianna and Ben came home for the party! And it's a good thing too because otherwise we would have had too much cake! HA! And extra cake laying around is just NOT good... ;) It was great seeing them for a while! We spent the WHOLE day watching football games.
THE PACKERS KILLED THE VIQUEENS!!! WOOOOOOOT!!!... The Packers are amazing. :)
So, in the end, the cake turned out to be a success. I was a little worried about the stupid frosting making the roses all terrible and such, but all is good! It was a great time spent with family. :)

Have a wonderful Sunday night!

Taylor Kay

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Brynwood Needleworks said...

Goodness, Taylor!
Playing nursemaid to a recovering Labrador and a corgi puppy have kept me so busy in the past week that I completely missed this post! Rats!

Your birthday cake for your mum is beautiful...and I'd love that flavor, too! Lucky Birthday Girl!!!

I'm going to visit her now, so I can wish her belated birthday wishes.

Blessings and congrats on a beautiful effort.