Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exchanging Gifts! :)

So I was just out shopping with my Gramma one day and I came across these CUTE little bunnies! In case you don't know my mom, she LOOOVES bunnies. HA! So I decided to buy them for her because they were just TOO cute to pass up. :) I also found that necklace for her, which is just her style. It was too perfect to be true. HAHA! 
I am guessing in exchange for my thoughfulness... (hehe!)... she started making me a backpack that I have wanted for a few months now! YAAAY!!! 
This was my mom's first time putting a picture on fabric straight from our computer printer. I think it's safe to say that it turned out wonderfully! :)
By this time in the making process, I was convinced that this was the most AMAZING backpack/purse thing in the WHOLE WORLD!!! I mean... what could be better? It's black and white, has awesome flowers on it, AND AUDREY HEPBURN!!! :D 
Yup, it's one of those bags where the straps close together. It's hard to explain but you know what I mean. HAHA! :) This is now my summer bag! It's awesome and I LOVE it!!!
Ahh, can't forget the finishing touch! BOWS!!! Oh my goodness... I love bows. Just when you thought this bag couldn't get any more awesome... Mom adds bows... AHHH!!! :D I am sooooooo happy that she made this for me!
I love my mom. :)

Well, hope you have a wonderful night! 

Taylor Kay

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Judith said...

I love this! Lori, you did a great job. Tay, you are so cute. Love you.