Friday, March 25, 2011

What Is That? An Elf?

And here is my latest knitted hat creation! It was really fun to knit...
 ...And even more fun to pose for! ;) Tho, it was really hard to keep so many stitches on my double point needles... GARRR!!! I wish I had the circular needle in the size I needed... would have been so much easier!
What... WHAT... WHAT??? I can say my mind was a little... messed up... after the stress this hat was giving me. HAHA! Buy, man oh man, I was happy to get it DONE! ;)
This hat actually does fit my head, it was just having some issues due to my ponytail. HA! So it is an average size, I'd say.

Here's another hat made with the same pattern, just a little smaller with some minor changes
I think it will be super cute for some little girl to wear! :)

Both of these hats are being given to my church for Warm The Children. At the end of April, I think, we will be sending them somewhere in Europe... I don't really know where. But YEAH! I will probably try to squeeze out a couple more hats before then. WOOT! 

Well, hope you had a great Friday!

Taylor Kay


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Taylor:
You're really doing some wonderful knitting projects! The kids are going to love the caps you've created. There will be warm heads thanks to your generous efforts.
Thanks for modeling them, too! Love seeing your smiling face. Hi to your Mum for me, please.

Judith said...

They go to Warm the Children who supplies certain orphanages in Russia, Belarus and Albania where the heating is not always consistent.