Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hippo Birdie Two Ewe

 Yup! It was my sister Brianna's birthday on March 13th. She turned the big 2-0... CRAZY!!! But it was a fun time! :)
 This was actually the first square cake that I have ever done. I actually kind of like it... but not as much as a circle cake. HAHA! And, I also bought this cool frosting tip that makes frosting the cake super easy. It worked AMAZING! All I had to do was spread it smooth and stuff. Definitely a good investment. 
 Anyways, the cake was chocolate and I filled it with chocolate pudding. MMM it was so yummy! It had real nice texture too. If you look at the edge where I cut the piece out, you will see the the top and sides all have the same amount of frosting. That is thanks to that frosting tip I bought! LIFE SAVER!!! ;)
Well, it was a great time, good cake, and Bri loved it! And really that's all that matters. :)

Au Revoir! 

Taylor Kay

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Anna Patricia said...

Great job! I love that shade of blue frosting!