Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Presents and Birthdays and Bows... OH YAY!!!

 Well well well... if it wasn't Ms. Skye La Grew's birthday yesterday! Thus, of course, I had to make her a FABulous cake! :)
Now, I wanted this cake to be like nothing I've ever done! So... I made it a ton of layers. Haha! 4 layers of cake with 3 layers of chocolate pudding filling! Can you say "Um, Delicious!!!"?
In the end, this cake ended up being about the size of my head... and it was SO HEAVY!!! 

I had this idea for Skye's cake since I started my cake decorating classes back in October of '10... so quite a while now... and that was to make a cake that looked like a PRESENT!!! Perfect for a birthday right? :) ... Then I realized that I had no idea how to make one of the bows I wanted. I have never used fondant before except for like 5 minutes in my cake class... so it was all off the top of my head!

I'd say it turned out pretty good! :)
 And here's Ms. Skye La Grew herself! She was very happy with how her cake turned out... I knew she would be. Haha!
 HAHA! I'm sure Savannah will hate me later for posting up this picture of her mowing down on a bite of cake... but for right now, keep it a secret from her!
 AAAHAHAHA! I am DEFINITELY sure that Teona dearest won't be very happy when she sees this picture all over the internet... but it was too funny, I just had to share it! :) Don't hate me, dearest! 
There, that's a better one of the two of us. Haha! All in all it was a good party with friends! :)
 Ugh, yuck! I did the bow loops out of fondant just for Skye because she said she liked fondant... well she was the only one who liked it. Personally, I thought it looked like bubble gum but I knew better than to taste it and see. :P But, she liked it and ended up taking all those loops home with her. GAK!!!
 Here is just a picture of the inside of the cake, if you can see the layers of pudding in there and stuff. It was quite a delicious cake! I definitely like the whole chocolate cake with chocolate pudding idea!
Well, I guess this is Tootles for now. Have a GREAT rest of your week. HALF WAY THROUGH IT!!! :)

Taylor Kay

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