Friday, September 16, 2011

What's On YOUR Needles?

What's on your needles today?
Today, I have a purple slouchy hat! I absolutely LOVE slouchy hats and I found a pattern book the other week that has about 6 patterns for them! WOO!!! I was so exciting, I just HAD to start one! :)
I love this pattern. It is simple yet... what's the word... elegant? No that's too formal. Anyways, I just love it! And it's reversible too! So when I'm all done you can wear it with the knit stitches out, or with the purl stitches out. Pretty sweet, huh?
I am actually hoping to use this rare day off to finish it. *crosses fingers* We shall see! :)
  So, I better get down to it! 
Have a wonderful Friday! :)

 Taylor Kay

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I love that color purple--so I would love anything knitted with it!!!!
looks like a nice job that you are doing and I hope that you get it finished soon--happy wearing it!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie