Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You say "Potato", I say "Potato... CANDY!"

Last night Mom made my FAVORITE Christmas cookie, POTATO CANDY! Is it really a cookie though? Hm... I think it's more of a Christmas Sweet! :D It's basically powdered sugar and peanut butter. Even just the sound of it curls your teeth! ;)
We had to chill the candy overnight. So TONIGHT Mom cut it up! Apparently it was kind of hard because she is using a butcher's knife... HAHA! :) Gotta love it! 
Well, we got it all packed away and back in the fridge now! It will last a long time cuz you can really only eat one piece at a time because it is just so SWEET! Hehe! :) I can't wait to have another piece tomorrow!
I hope you have a Wonderfully Sweet rest of the week! 
BARELY A WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! :D :D :D Just a little excited... ;) 

Taylor Kay


Rebekah said...

Hey can I have the recipe?!??! I imagine its gluten free.


Createology said...

Yum Yum...but where is the recipe. I adore all sweets so this one is a must try. Happy Holly Jolly Joy...

T's Daily Treasures said...

Very interesting! This one I have not heard of before. I have a sugar high from all the Mexican Wedding cookies I ate yesterday. And now a friend gave me homemade toffee today. No way I can eat just one. :/ Happy day to you. Tammy

Promotional Pens said...

They look mouth watering!