Thursday, December 30, 2010

--What I've Been Up To--

Well, I really haven't posted alot lately. Christmas was just sooooooooo busy! But, now that it's over, I finally have time to show you what I was doing all of December! :)
I made hats for all of my uncles for Christmas!
All the patterns that I used were my own!
I just used a simple pattern to start it and make the increases!
Each one of the hats was specially made to what I thought each person would like! 
So, in the end, we had a simple beanie hat, a hat with ear flaps, and a hat with a pom pom on top!

And what a great head model I have, right? 
Big thanks to my dad for being so cooperative as I put hats all over his head. :)

TOMORROW IS NEW YEAR'S EVE!!! Hope you all have a wonderful night and a Happy New Year! :D

Taylor Kay

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