Thursday, January 27, 2011

Strings and Toothpicks and Birds... OH MY!!!

So me and my mom were doing some Thursday Night Crafting tonight! She has a blog too! If you would like to visit her and all her craftiness click HERE!
We brought a bunch of her tools up from out of the freezer-box-basement so we could work in warmth... HAHA!
I have got to admit, it is super hard to tie a really tiny string around a toothpick... I wouldn't suggest it if you wish to keep your sanity
 And VOILA! 2 hours later and we have little picks! :)
You may be wondering what these picks are for, but that will just have to wait! MUAHHAHA! (that was my evil laugh, hehe!)
Remember when I was talking about keeping your sanity? HAHA! THIS is what would happen to you if you had to tie 50 strings around 50 toothpicks.
It will drive you coo-coo! (Yes, pun intended!)
And the lovely pile of annoying little picks all finished. HAHA!
And, somehow, after all that torture I still manage to squeak a smile. :)
Hope you have a wonderful night!
And stay away from strings and toothpicks. ;)

Taylor Kay


Sue said...

They look so cute - they must be for cupcakes toppers!

Anna Patricia said...

It's a pretty design :)