Thursday, November 19, 2015

Making A Comeback!

Hello Everyone!
Yes, I know it's been an age since I've created a post, but I'm attempting to make a comeback!

Basically, what happened was in April 2013 I found an apartment and moved out of my parents' house. Hooray for independence! But, I neglected to get internet at my new place... and I still haven't yet...
Yup, I live under a rock...
So, I've decided that I want to continue with my blog anyways and am currently at my parents' house using their internet. Haha!

Alright, I'm going to use this post to tell you about a new addition to our family!
Her name is Leila Desiree!

She is my niece, Brianna's daughter! She was born on October 31st 2014. That's right, she's a Halloween baby. :) 
Here she is on the day she came home for the first time from the hospital
Isn't she just a little cutie?! 

We recently celebrated her first birthday.
Great fun was had by all! Brianna and I made the smash cake and cupcakes. They are decorated to look like pumpkins, sunflowers, and mums! :) I think they turned out pretty well, what about you?
 After the party we all went trick or treating, seeing as it was Halloween. We all had themed costumes, Star Wars themed to be specific :) Ben dressed as Han Solo, Brianna as Princess Leia, Leila as an Ewok, and I dressed as a Jedi.
 Altogether, it was a successful day besides being a bit stressful. 
To conclude, I would just like to say that Leila is a huge blessing and I love her with all my heart! She is one of the best things that has ever happened! :) They are actually expecting another child, due at the end of February.
It's A BOY! 
 So that's exciting!
Hm, this is getting to be kind of a long comeback post. But there was a bit to catch up on!
I'm going to just leave this video of Leila coloring on her new desk right here
 It gets super cute around the middle/end :) 

Hopefully there's still someone out there who reads my blog even though I haven't posted in almost 3 years... Haha! If not, that's ok with me really cuz I just want to post again no matter who actually reads it. 

So, I hope you have a wonderful evening! 
I am going to finish watching Merlin :)

Taylor Kay


Judith said...

Glad you are back!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog Tay. I'm glad you're back!!