Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Birthday Cakes and Game of Thrones

Well, there's not much like getting pelted in the face with snow and ice. We are getting hit by a snow storm, though who knows how bad it's actually going to be. I'm hoping its not going to be as terrible as everyone thinks. But we'll see.

Anyways, yesterday I actually got internet in my apartment! I am all moved in to my new place in Marshfield, and I knew once I was here I would definitely want internet. So, here I sit comfortably on my own couch posting on my own laptop! Feels good. ;)
Now, to the point of my post, it was recently Bri's 25th birthday! The family put together a nice little get together party for her. And, of course, I made a cake!
I practiced how to make hibiscus flowers, because Bri likes Hawaiian flowers so I felt it fitting to put them on a cake! :) I was very happy with how it turned out! The cake flavor is special too! It's a tropical mango cake with tropical mango frosting filling, frosted with my buttercream. Well, the whole family thought it was delicious! There was a lot of people, and had I known so many would be there I would have made it bigger. Haha! But it was a good size, just no leftovers ;)

So, now to decide what to do with the rest of my evening while I'm snowed in. Honestly what I should do is start one of my knitting projects, cuz I'm super far behind. With that in mind, I put in a TV show that I've already seen a bunch so there's some background noise. GAME OF THRONES SEASON 1! I recently finished re-watching season 5 in preparation for season 6 start. 


It's so interesting going back to watching season 1 after just finishing season 5... cuz everyone I like is ALIVE! It's refreshing!.. And kind of sad... cuz I know what's going to happen.. :( And then there's the characters who are rather unpleasant who have died but they are alive right now and you are reminded of just how much you really don't like them and are glad they died. HAHA! Hmm, yeah. And for the characters who are alive thru the whole thing, it's interesting to see how they've changed. For example, some of them started out a bit unlikable but now they are cool. 
Or vice versa
Game of Thrones has become one of my favorite TV shows. It is a very unique story. And the show is only 10 episodes per season, which is nice because they don't overkill. It's not a show for the faint of heart tho. There's quite a few "adult" scenes, especially in the first few seasons, and there's gore and violence. Watch at your own risk.
Anyways, this post wasn't supposed to turn into a Random Ramble about a TV show. Haha! Just kinda happened that way. But now I will actually go pick up my knitting bag and try to start that project now. 
Enjoy the rest of your evening!
Taylor Kay

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