Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Random Ramblings of a Movie Lover - Reign

Hello All!
So, I've caught the sickness that has been going around. I've been not feeling well for about a week now... I'm ready to be healthy again... 
But anyways, for today I wanted to talk about a "new-to-me" show that I've started watching. I'm sure plenty have heard of it, it's called Reign
I will try not to give any spoilers in this post in case you decide you want to watch it. But basically its about Mary Queen of Scotland, and all the politics of royalty such as being engaged to the future king of France, Francis, and all that drama. Usually I don't like drama shows, but I really do enjoy this one! I am only about half way thru the first season, there are 2 on Netflix and season 3 I believe is on TV right now.
Funny thing, I was trying to figure out why I recognized Queen Catherine (the lady on the right), turns out she is the actress who played Anne of Green Gables in those movies made in the 90's-ish. I LOVED THOSE MOVIES!!! :)
Anyways, I think another reason I like the show is cuz of all the neat dresses they wear and stuff. It's set in the 1800s I believe.
I am totally #Team Frary!
Of course, being a drama, there are 2 guys for the girl to choose (so far, who knows, there could be more). But I totally ship Mary and Francis!! :) It's not going to be much of a spoiler saying she spent some time with another person cuz honestly it's to be expected. And he was nice, I like him as a character, but not for her. 
So yes, there's the show I'm watching! Caution, there are some scenes that are not suitable for children. It takes place in France, so keep that in mind. Haha! They all love each other. ;) Give the show a try if you would like! I give it about 3.5 stars :)
Well, enjoy the rest of your evening!

Taylor Kay

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