Thursday, September 22, 2011

Baby Showers and Yellow Duckies!

Well, my friend Teona is having a baby soon! In fact, her due date is ONE WEEK from TODAY!!! WOOO!!! :D 
So last month she had her baby shower. And I got the honor of making her cake and cupcakes!!! 
And what would be better for a baby shower than a DUCK! This was the first time I made a cake with this particularly cute ducky pan. It was super fun to make and I enjoyed frosting it very much! I can't wait to make this cake again! :)
And here is Teona dear standing next to her cupcakes! In case you couldn't tell by the PINK colors, she is having a GIRL! Her name is Olivia LeAnna. Isn't that such a beautiful name??
I figured that every baby's room needs a few pegs to hang clothes, bags, and blankets on. So I took it upon myself to make this Name Peg wall hanging! It was super fun to make because I found all these CUTE little girl papers for the letters. There's shoes and polka dots and stripes... ADORABLE! I love it, and Teona does too! :)
And here we all are. THE GROUPIE! Me, Skye, Teona, and Savannah. We have been friends since 6th grade! I love them all. :)
Me and Teona. :)

 Well, I hope you have a wonderful Thursday! It's a beautiful day outside, nice and crispy cold. But, I must go to work... :P Ah well, make it a GREAT day! :D
Taylor Kay

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