Friday, March 1, 2013

My Recent Drawings

Hey Everyone!
So I finished that picture that I started drawing yesterday!

It's Dan! 
Yay! I am actually very happy with how this turned out. I have accepted the fact that I will only ever get 1 of the eyes to look right, the other one will always be a little wrong. It has happened with almost all of my drawings of people. :P But I am super proud of the lips in this one! They are the best lips I have ever done! HOORAY! His llama hat is a little small but it still looks ok. If I made it any bigger it wouldn't have fit on my page. 
So tell me, does it look like him?

I will take this opportunity to show you a couple of the other pictures I have done.

Audrey Hepburn
I was super excited to do this picture. I saw the original in a book that I have and it was all shading! There weren't any hard lines anywhere (as you can tell from the drawing). I was going to ask my cousin Jeshua, who is an amazing artist, to draw it for me but then I decided to try it myself. Generally I like it :)

Robert Downey Jr.
This was my first EVER attempt at drawing a man. I saw this picture in the credits of Sherlock Holmes a Game of Shadows and thought it would be perfect for a drawing! And I am very happy with how it turned out! Granted there are a couple mistakes, and it's not shaded very well (because I didn't have good shading pencils at the time), but I like it :)

 So Yeah!
There's my most recent people drawings!
I have decided that I am better at drawing them big like these where you only really see the face and shoulders. They can be more detailed that way. And when I try drawing a body, it's always the wrong size. Ha! 
I need to practice that.
 Anywho, I hope you are all having a good Friday! 

Taylor Kay

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