Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hooray For... Accomplishing... Things......... Yeah!

So, I am feeling slightly accomplished today!
Seeing as days off usually aren't so productive, 
today is a rarity. Haha!
I had some "me time" this morning. I feel like if you have a day off, you should always take a chunk out an do something for yourself! Me, I watched some YouTube and then watched 3:10 To Yuma. 
(Great movie btw, I might do a ramble about it).
Then after your "you time", you should try and do something productive. For example, I called the dress shop in Marshfield to pay for my bridesmaid dress for my cousin Rebekah's wedding in July! And after freaking out about being the LAST PERSON to pay for their dress, therefore I am the reason why they weren't ordered sooner, I decided not to worry about it now cuz there isn't really anything I can do about it. By the way, I am the Maid of Honor! Bekah was born literally 2 days before me. We call ourselves the "almost-twins". Haha! She is amazing, I love her :)
What else makes today rare? Well, I did TWO productive things! After that call I loaded the dishwasher, washed everything that wouldn't fit, and then started running the dishwasher! AHHH!!! Mom will be so happy :)
Today is so full of rarities it's crazy.
Want to know why?
Cuz I am actually feeling slightly inspired to do some drawing!!! :D So I am going to go dig for my art book and pencils and try and do some artwork! WOO!!! And I have tomorrow off too, so if I start something that I actually like I can prolly work on it tomorrow too! YAY!!! 
Ok, now I am officially excited! :)
Gotta find time somewhere in here to eat tho... Ha! 
Shouldn't be a problem.
 That is me trying to figure out how to take a picture with the webcam thingy... Haha! I am a fail at technology...

Hope you have a wonderfully productive day too! :D

Taylor Kay

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