Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Time Is Here!... Almost.

It's only ONE WEEK until Christmas Eve!
So we are watching our Christmas classic! The Muppet Christmas Carol has been a holiday favorite for as long as I can remember. We had a VHS copy of it all through my childhood and I bought the DVD for my mom a few Christmases ago. I know a lot of people watch It's A Wonderful Life each year, but to be honest (and I'm not too proud to say it) I have never seen that movie in my life... I probably should sometime. But I think the Muppets will continue to be the film I am sure to watch each year! :) That and Jim Carrey's The Grinch
Last week I started baking Christmas cookies!
Look at this mess... good thing mom was at work and I had most of it cleaned by the time she got home. Haha! Yes, I baked at my parents house because I didn't have the recipes... or the pans... or the room in my apartment for such a big project.
First on the list was Sugar Cookies! When done correctly, they will melt in your mouth. I think the batch I made turned out great!... Until you ate from the second pan I used... So, to really drive home the fact that I am a terrible baker, the pan I assumed was clean really wasn't. UGH! And of course it had a bunch of chopped onions on it that had been frozen and then thawed... All my cookies tasted like onions... :( 
So, half of them got tossed. RAWR!
But my next batch of cookies turned out great! Russian Tea Cakes, which happen to be my dad's favorite cookies. Lovely little cookies filled with walnuts and covered in 
powdered sugar.
They are kind of a chore, because you have to roll them twice in powdered sugar. First when they come out of the oven, which isn't fun cuz they are hot, and then again once they are fully cooled.
On Sunday Bri, Ben, and Leila came to town because Ben went to the Packer game. We made even more Christmas cookies that day! But I didn't get any pictures of that, only video. We made Candy Cane cookies and Cut Outs! We also attempted to make what we thought were Cherry Thumbprints... but they were NOT! They didn't turn out at all... they basically turned into dust in your mouth, you could barely even pick them up because they would just crumble. :/ Hmph.
Bri is the professional Candy Cane cookie maker! They are so tedious and she has perfected the art as you can witness in the video above. :)
Anyways, while I've been writing this post the Muppets has been playing, AND THEY CUT OUT A SONG FROM THE DVD!!! >:( NO! I hate it when they do that!!! Why do they cut things out when they switch VHS to DVD?!? It makes no sense to me... Then dad reminds me that usually the VHS copy is better than the DVD. Ugh... Oh well.
Well, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your evening!
Taylor Kay

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