Wednesday, December 23, 2015

NEVER Enough Cookies!! :)

Hello All!
So, I think the title of this post makes it pretty self explanatory. Haha! Yes, mom and I went to Marshfield last Saturday and we made MORE COOKIES!!!

We went to Bri's house first and she had a couple cookies she was making
 Up first was an Egg Nog Cookie! Oh man, they tasted super good! I made an egg nog frosting to top them with and it basically made it seem like you were drinking a glass of egg nog. YUM!
 Up next was a Brown Sugar Toffee cookie! This here is just the cookie part. Once they were cooled you have to dip them in chocolate and cover with toffee bits. Unfortunately I was unable to sample the final product... :( Oh well, hopefully there will be some when we go there for Christmas Celebrations.
 Part 2
Next, we all went to Gramma's house to make

We were joined by my 14 year old cousin, Evan! And we put him to work too! He was a great help when it came to coloring the cookie dough. :)
He tried hiding from the camera... didn't work out too well for him... or the chair. Haha!! It had about 20lbs of sugar/flour on it, so that didn't help. ;)
Gramma made her Cherry Thumbprint cookies, Evan halved the cherries for her. And, by the way, unlike my thumbprint failure they turned out WONDERFUL! They really are one of my favs! Got the recipe now and we made some more at home that actually came out good. YAY! 
Also made some sugar cookies! And they did not taste like onions I might add!... Prolly cuz I didn't have much to do with making them... Ha! Naaahhh, but seriously tho. ;)
So here it is, the ARMY of COOKIES! You've got Pumpkin Penuche cookies in the top right corner, Russian Tea Cakes next to them, and Cream Cheese Mint Thingys. Then you have some Cherry Thumbprints, Candy Cane AND Peppermint Candy Cane Cookies, and Sugar Cookies to finish. 
Holy Yummy Goodness! :) Very fun time, but I don't think any more cookies need to be made this year... Haha! I think we actually do have enough
Well tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I probably won't do another post till after so I hope you all have a Wonderful Christmas! :)
Taylor Kay

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