Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1940's Etiquette: The Modern Girl and Boy

"Run, daughter, run. The faster you run, the surer you are to be caught."
-French Proverb

   My mom had found a find a while back! It is an etiquette book called 'Mrs. Oliver Harriman's Book Of Etiquette'. The copyright date is 1942. It is quite interesting to read through! So I thought I would do a blog post about one of the chapters. This chapter is called The Modern Girl and Boy. :) SHOULD BE INTERESTING!! So here we go!

"Men should have to fight for a woman's affection."
   Apparently even back in the 40's, people knew that men were all about the chase. :) A girl can't make it too easy for a man to get them, otherwise he loses interest pretty quickly. HAHA! 

"A man respects a woman as much as she respects herself." 
   Now, this is a very interesting thought. I am single myself, and I would have never thought that respecting myself had anything to do with a man respecting me. So I find this quite intriguing! 

Make-Up In Public
   Ahhh haha! Oh dear, I don't even wear make-up. So this was an interesting paragraph to read! :)

"Applying lipstick in public is supposed to outrage good taste at all times."
"Girls, the next time you put on lip make-up in front of your mirror, just look at the gyrations you perform with your mouth. Since this ritual isn't an attractive sight, don't let men observe it too closely."
   HAHA! Oh my goodness, that is so true! Girls, we look hideous when we put on lipstick or chapstick. I would have to agree with this paragraph, because YES no man should see us like that. HAHA! This made me laugh so hard. :)

Dollars and Sense
"If she enjoys your company, she'll have a good time whether you spend a week's salary or practically nothing."
   Ok, now THIS is a section that the MEN should read. I am all for this quote! I have never been one for fancy dinners or nights out on the town. 

Good Manners

"He who talks or jokes about the shortcomings of his friends, paves the way for his own unpopularity."
   Oh... Is this quote true or is it TRUE? Absolutely. I think it is a horrible thing to talk badly of your friends, even if you have known eachother a long time and you both know it's a joke. But, some people think it is fun. I don't know. Ha!

"It is not in good taste for a man to urge a girl to drink after she expressed a wish not to."
   Now, I thought this was just kind of like common sense or something. But hey, some people never give up I guess. This had happened to me a couple times, not necessarily with drinking but with other things. I can tell you, I didn't like being asked twice, let alone THREE times. :P 

Winning A Woman's Heart
   Alright, boys, this is the section you should pay attention to. :)

"Few young men realize how much little attentions mean in their relationships with women. Send flowers once in a while. Remember anniversaries, especially birthdays. No one expects you to be a knight on a white horse, but do be protective. Treat the lady as though she were valuable; you must think she is, or you wouldn't be interested."
   Wow... what a quote, huh? I think I can speak for most single ladies in saying that this would be the PERFECT man! :D :D :D

"A man should say nice things. If he likes a young woman's dress, why shouldn't he tell her so? If she dances well, he ought to mention it. A man, after a particularly enjoyable hour, especially if it has been spent at a girl's home, should write her a note. For example: 'I'm still enjoying last evening. Please let me come again'"
   OOFTAH, another winner! I know that I would have him over for another evening if he sent me a cute little note!! 

   Here it is boys, LISTEN WELL!!!
"The secret of being popular with women is to make them feel desirable and attractive."
   YUP! :)

What Every Woman Should Know
   Ok, ladies, here is your little section.

"A young woman must remember that most of her attention should be centered on the man with whom she goes out."
   So true. So often I see someone who came with a man and she's off with other men not even paying attention to the one she is with. Oh dear...

"A girl who spends the evening flirting with other men may think she is impressing her companion, but she only succeeds in lowering herself in his and everyone's estimation."
   OUCH! Hm... How bout that? Goodness... HA! 

   Well, that is the end of the chapter! I found that incredibly enjoyable!!! :D Who would have thought you could learn so much from a 1940's Etiquette Book?? Though, I am very old fashioned. So maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much because it is everything that I expect from men and women. But what do you think?

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY to learn a little Old Time Etiquette! :)

Taylor Kay


Anonymous said...

this isa little confusing to me but if I read more i think ill understand. it is super cute tay I really like it

Skye La Grew said...

Tee!! this is so adorable! haha this whole page is just shouting Taylor!

Susana Capucho said...

Hello there!

I am a graphic design student, at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, Portugal. My work-group is doing a survey on 1940's etiquette. I found out about this book "Mrs. Oliver Harriman's Book Of Etiquette" through your blog and I thought it would be a great help in our research.
However, there is a problem: I can't find this book online nor I have the money to buy one.
So I was thinking perhaps you could help us by sending me an excerpt from the book that would specify the public behavior that a woman should have.

We would really appreciate your help!

Please answer as soon as possible, thank you!

Taylor Kay said...

Hey Susanna,
I'm sorry, I think my mom actually got rid of that book. I asked her about it and she said if she didn't sell it, she gave it away to someone. Sorry! :/

Taylor Kay