Saturday, September 4, 2010

I would like you to meet... Fat Lump

This is Fat Lump. Yes, that is his name. :)

He is a Manx, which means he doesn't have a tail like a normal cat. He has a little tuft of hair where a tail would be. 

He has a way of literally FLOPPING wherever he thinks is the best place to get the most attention out of his flop. 
Usually it's right on top of a puzzle that I have spread on the floor.

Or in this case, right on top of some sheet music.

But, it's not like you can yell at something this cute!
... even though he is almost always in the way.

Tho, you can't blame him for being in the way either...
cuz he is just too FAT to NOT be in the way

So, therefore, all you can do is 
absolutely love every bit of fat on this enormous cat!

And I do
He is my sweet baby! 

My Best Friend

Each morning I awake,
my best friend beside me,
his eyes are wide with love,
and my heart sores again.

As I go through my day,
expectations on me,
my friend is always near,
to soothe my troubled mind.

When nighttime descends on us,
and the world is through with me,
at last I can meditate,
and give loving thanks for him.

My friend is very special,
a truly amazing soul,
he's very soft and gentle,
for he's my cat, after all!

                               -Denise Brixey

Taylor Kay

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T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Taylor, I am popping over from your mom's blog. Fat Lump is just the cutest ever! Looks just like our Jingles but a little more on the plump side. :) I just love all his poses. Adorable! Have a great day. Tammy