Sunday, September 19, 2010

Packers, and Hats, and Blocks... OH MY!

P-A-C-K! What's That Spell? GO PACK GO!!!
Yup, I live in Green Bay and have been a Packers fan ALL my life! :)
Today they played their second game of the season and TOASTED the Buffalo Bills! WOOT!!! 

Donald Driver All The Way! 
 My 3 favorite Packers :
Donald Driver
Aaron Rodgers 
Clay Matthews 

Anyways, enough about the Packers. Do you see the HAT I'm wearing? 
I just finished this lovely project today! I tell you what... I bought yarn to make another... and I don't think I will be doing another one for a while. This was very very VERY annoying. Ha! But it turned out super cute!
The yarn that I chose for this hat is a little softer than the yarn called for in the pattern. The brim on the front is supposed to be a little more... stiff I guess. But I still think it's cute! 
You'd think I would learn that when I am working on a cable stitch pattern, I need to use a solid color yarn... Haven't quite learned that yet. Oh Well! 

Here's some of my projects from this past week!

This is made just out of a block of wood I bought from the craft store. The plain white paper actually has some glitter on it that you can't see very well in this picture. I absolutely LOVE the little rose thing (not sure what to call it). And KEYS!!! :)

This is also made from a block of wood. I wasn't going to put that little pendant on there originally, but while I was experimenting I thought it looked perfect! The sides are also sprayed with a gold shimmer that you can't see well in the pictures. It made the wood closer to the color of the paper.

GUESS WHAT! This is made from a block of wood too. :) This was my official first project of this kind. I really like how it turned out. Especially the little dreaming angel! The flower in the corner was handmade also. The sides were painted white, but not completely. I liked having a little of the original wood color still showing.

So, that's what I've been up to this week! I am also working to finish a couple more KNIT HATS! So, stay tuned for more of those!!

Have an awesome Sunday!
I will be spending the rest of mine watching the Indianapolis Colts vs. the New York Giants! Manning vs. Manning! (I am also a HUGE Colts fan... So... GO COLTS!!!)
:) :) :)
Taylor Kay


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Taylor:
I have family in Green Bay, too. I grew up in Fond du Lac and my husband and I lived in a house we built in Campbellsport for 17 years before we moved to Florida. Fall in Wisconsin, my favorite time of year. Enjoy the game, kiddo. We'll chat again soon.

Createology said...

Hi Taylor. Donna of Brynwood Needleworks sent me over here and I am glad to meet you. I love your enthusiam and willingness to learn all things crafty. I am also impressed with your knitting for charity as it will thoroughly expand your horizons. Welcome to blogland and happy blogging...

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Taylor!

I read about you over at sweet Donna's. You're quite the crafter and your projects are just beautiful...and so is your knitting! I peeked into the post below, and you DO look like just like your mom. Both beautiful, I might add!
...My favorite color is pink too! Welcome to blogland, Sweetie! ;) Paulette

Claudia said...

Hello Taylor, Donna sent us over to meet you and I have to tell you I am so impressed with your many talents. Keep creating!

Scrapping With Sherry said...

Taylor~ My name is Sherry and my blog is called Scrapping With Sherry. I just read a little bit that you wrote introducing yourself and I have to say I was very impressed. They dont make many young woman like yourself anymore... I am going to follow you and see how your journey goes out her in blogland.

I just got done finishing the Sept. Swap at Blissfull ATC Swap. My partner was Debbie and I posted her ATC on Saturday. I also posted my entry for the ATC Holder Challenge last night if you would like to take a peek at them you can at

Tonight I am starting a weekly post called Sherry's Fantastic Finds where I feature artists and such that I find while blog hopping that I want to share with friends. Just may have to feature you soon! :-)

Hope to see you there! Sherry

PS. Dont forget to vote for Blissfull's ATC Holder Challenge...

Missie said...

Hi Taylor. I made my way over from Brynwood Needleworks. You have so many wonderful crafts. I am especially jealous of your knit hats. I have tried to knit on several occasions and just can't seem to get the hang of it. I do crochet though, so at least I get to work with yarn.

Such a lovely blog too. I've added myself as a follower. I can't wait to see your next project and hear more about your love of football and the Packers. I am a Steeler fan, so I have football fever as well. :) said...


I read about you first on Brynwood Needleworks. You are an incredibly talented young woman! Love your adorable knit hat! I wish that I had an ounce of your amazing creative talents!

Michelle May said...

Hi Taylor! So great to meet you! Donna sent me over from her blog. I too love white and animals! My house is all white and I have pet bunnies that live in my studio!
I'm following you now so I'll be by to visit often.
hugs to you!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Taylor. I just left Brynwood Needleworks where I read Donna's post about you. She's such a wonderful, sweet person.

I just had to check out a blog with the cute name of Lady Lemondrop's Sunroom. Love that name. You do look just like your Mother and your both as cute as can be. My Mother crocheted and knitted but I never picked it up and Lord knows I wish I could paint. It's nice to meet you.

Hugs....Tracy :)

MosaicMagpie said...

Hi Taylor,
Welcome to BlogLand! I am looking forward to hearing more from you. I love all the creations you shared with us. Great job on the hat!