Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Love To Olivia - Day 5

Teona, Mac, and Olivia came home from the hospital today! So of course I had to go and visit them! :)
 I didn't notice when I first saw her, but Olivia has a lot of hair on her head! Course, that's coming from me who was completely bald when I was born. ;) Haha! 
Time for feeding! :) What a concentration face, right? Haha! She is so gosh darn CUTE!
 Jersey, Mac's dog, was all curious and sniffing around Olivia's head. It was pretty sweet. :)
Sleepin' in the swing!
Classic baby picture, all wrapped up in a blanket. :) SO CUTE!!! 
Can't wait to visit her again!

 Taylor Kay

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