Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lumpy Fat Kitty Likes Cupcakes - Day 8

Well, tonight I made cupcakes to bring to church tomorrow! Of course, being a Packer Sunday, I frosted them GREEN! REPRESENT! ;)
Lumpy was asking if he could have one of my yummy-in-my-tummy cupcakes. (Yes, in those words exactly. ;D) But, being that he is a cat, I had to say no... 
 Aaand here's the look he gave me when I told him he couldn't have one. HAHA! Nothing says "I love you" like that look right there. ;) Hehe!
 But, alas, he must move on to better things. If I had any kitty treats, I would have given him one. Aww... Sad face... :( Oh well

Well, I hope you have a GREAT rest of the night. :)

Taylor Kay

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