Monday, October 3, 2011

Knitted Earflap Hat! - Day 3

Yesterday, while I was watching the Packers beat on the Broncos, I finished knitting this CUTE earflap hat! I am rather proud of it because I didn't follow a pattern or anything.
This hat is a child's size hat. I tried it on the head of a 10 year old girl and it fit PERFECTLY! Which is good, because the person that it is going to is about 10 years old too. :) Hello Christmas presents! 
My friend, Teona, is going to be having her baby either late tonight or tomorrow sometime! (She is having an induced labor) So me and a couple of friends are going to the hospital to be with her! :) I will definitely have pictures when little Olivia LeAnna is born! 

Hope you have a wonderful night! 
I know I will! :D

Taylor Kay

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Sue said...

It looks great and clever you not using a pattern!