Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finished Haughty Hat! - Day 6

Remember this project?
Well I finished it a long time ago and have only just now posted it! Haha!
It has become one of my FAVORITE hats! I absolutely LOVE wearing it! It was really kinda fun to make too. :)
As you can see, I went with a PINK buckle. I was having a hard time deciding what color to put on there, and an even HARDER time trying to find those buckles! :P
But in the end it all worked out! :) I even made another one! But that hat will have to wait for another day! ;D

 Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!
Wow... Thursday already... This week kind of flew by. Ha!
Taylor Kay


Createology said...

Your hat is quite adorable on you. I can see how fun this would be to make...if I knit. Looking forward to your next hat...

dandelion dreamer said...

You are living up to your name with that pretty colour! Great hat!