Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sister Bay Fall Festival - Day 16

Hello all!
So it is Sunday night, and we got home from the Sister Bay Fall Festival! We all had a GREAT time selling gyros, spanikopita, souflakia, baklava, russian torte, and pitzels! Wow... not sure about the spelling on some of those... Haha! But yeah, this year the weather was super nice but it was a little bit windy on Saturday. It's better than the horrible weather that was predicted, though! HOORAY! I am a little bummed that no one has gotten any pictures up yet. But as soon as someone does I will prolly post a few! So yeah, all in all, it was an amazing time and I already can't wait until next year! :)
One downside though, I wasn't able to watch the Packers beat up on the Rams. :( Ah well. We had a radio at our booth so we were all listening to it! I didn't know they were playing in the throwback jerseys. I LOVE THESE JERSEYS! They are so cool :) Anyways, now the Packers are the ONLY 6-0 team in the league (now that the Lions lost to the 49ers). YAY!!! So exciting! :)

Well I hope you have a GREAT rest of your Sunday night! I might just take a nap... after I eat some pizza... :)

Taylor Kay

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