Thursday, October 20, 2011

Olivia Out and About - Day 20

Teona brought baby girl to Savannah's birthday party last night! :) I just love the outfit that she is wearing! SO CUTE! 
 Hehe, looking all around! She's probably like "Hm, I have never seen this place before. Where am I?". :) At one point when she was a little fussy, Savannah brought her over to the fish tank and that helped to quiet her down a little, for a while at least. Haha!
 It was so cute when she was laying on the couch, cuz her feet and legs were all curled up real close to her. :) I should have gotten a picture of it, cuz it was super duper cutie pie-ness. ;) Haha!

Well, wow is it already Thursday? Geez... HA! Have a wonderful Thursday night, then! :)

Taylor Kay

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