Monday, October 17, 2011

My New Hat! - Day 17

So this is the new hat that I bought up in Sister Bay! Brianna and I walked up the craft area and found this AWESOME display of hats! It took me a while to decide which one I wanted. And they were very reasonably priced too, and I got mine for a deal! :) 
This hat is really awesome because it has a hole in the top (so it's kind of like a headband actually) so I can wear it when I have ponytails in! That's really cool because I love wearing hats and I have my hair in a pony tail alot. :D
This little beaded design is what sold me on this hat. :) Isn't it so pretty and simple? I can't tell what it is tho. I think it's flowers and some leaves... that is what I have come up with. Haha! Anyway, it just kind of MAKES the hat!
So yeah, that was my Sister Bay Fall Festival souvenir! :)
Have a wonderful Monday night!

 Taylor Kay

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