Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Olivia LeAnna - Day 4

Well, yesterday at around 5:00 pm, Teona's water broke! I got to the hospital at around 9. Me, Savannah, Skye, and Tom all stayed the whole night waiting for Olivia to be born! 
 Haha! It was really early in the morning. Tom fell asleep. ;) We were in the family lounge for about... almost 2 hours? Teona's mom, Jolene, came in the room and this is the first thing she said, "It's a boy"... HA! We all just kind of stared at her. It was funny
Here is Mac and Olivia. Mac is the new daddy :) Isn't little Olivia just the cutest?!? She was chewing on her fist
And here's Teona, the new mommy :) She ordered a peanut butter sandwich. HAHA! But she had to make it herself, so she wasn't very happy about that ;)
This is Teona's mom, Jolene. Grandma and Grandbaby. :)
Savannah and Skye holding Olivia
Here's all of Olivia's info written on the board in the room. 
I ended up getting home around 4 this morning and went straight to bed. Haha! But I am so very happy that I was able to be there to see her. :) She is so beautiful

Well I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! :D

Taylor Kay

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