Friday, February 15, 2013

A Princess Belle Cake

So, I witnessed an atrocity today. While I out shopping with my friend Savannah, we drove past a gas station. I just happened to be looking at the gas price and literally WATCHED it go from $3.62 to $3.69... I watched it! It looked like a digital clock moving super fast. I thought oh my goodness you have GOT to be KIDDING! So yeah, I think not even 2 weeks ago, or whenever the last time I got gas was, it was only about $3.27... LAME! I hate having to buy gas... 

Anyways, to the actual point of my post, I made a birthday cake... was it last year? Yeah it was 2012, for my friend Skye's birthday. She LOVES Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. So, I found one of those pans that has the doll that you can put with it and I made it look like Belle!
 Of course she has her ever famous yellow ball gown on! The dress is made with chocolate cake and frosted with my homemade buttercream frosting. The top of the dress, which was the part that was on the doll so you couldn't eat it, is made with royal icing. That's the kind that gets super hard, so it was perfect for the top so it wouldn't fall off the doll.
 I used a picture I found on the internet to try and get it to look as close as possible to how it looks in the movie. Skye was really excited that I even got the 3 little buttons there on the top part of the dress where the sleeves come together at the front. I had to make her perfect because Skye knows all about her and everything.
I even tried to get the hair the same. Tried to make it all twisted and stuff like it is in the movie a little bit. I'm not sure it turned out the way I wanted but it was still really pretty! At least we had some yellow ribbon here so I could have the right bow color!
Skye was really happy with it. :) 
She has no idea that this was going to be her cake! I think she even kept the top half of the doll. It still had the hardened icing on it, so why not? Haha! 

I will definitely be using this pan again! It was super fun to make! :)
Taylor Kay