Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How long's it been?

Hello Everyone! 
Or whoever still reads my blog after so long... :P 
You prolly thought that when I went to Door County on that little vacation, I never came back. Haha! But I am here to tell you that yes I did make it back from that trip, though I can't divulge into the happenings of it because frankly I just don't remember. :)

Anyways, to get on with what this post is about, I am coming back! It has been a crazy time for me and I think it would be good to start up the blog again. Not that it will be anything all too interesting, but it's just kinda fun! :)

2012 came and went, and since it is in fact 2013 we all know that we can't trust a thing the Mayans said. ;) Ha! But anyways, in July I ended up moving to Marshfield (Wisconsin) to try and start a cake business with my sister Brianna. It ended up not working out, so here I am back in Green Bay. Moved back at the end of December. 
So that was all exciting. 
If you remember a few of my posts being about my friend Teona's daughter Olivia, she is all grown up now! Not really, but she is a year and a halfish now! And she is the spitting image of her momma :) She's precious. Then, in June 2012, my friend Savannah had a baby! His name is Carter and he is just the cutest little chunker! Ha! He's a very happy smiley baby. So my new posts may contain a little about them too!
I am currently living with my parents, which is kinda cramped because I had packed all my stuff in boxes thinking I was gonna live in Marshfield but seeing as that didn't work I came back home. Hopefully I will be able to find my own place soooooooooon!!! I have a job at the Baymont Inn and Suites here in GB. It has potential to become a full time job, and that's good cuz I love it there! 
So other than working, eating, sleeping, and knitting (;D) I have been watching that show on TV called Once Upon A Time with my Mom. It is AWESOME!!! I just love fairy tales so I knew I would like the show too! A few of my posts may be about the show, just a warning. :) 

Anyways, so that is kind of what's been happening. I know I know... I didn't post any pictures, my whole post was just words, but I assure you pics will be here! Mostly cuz I just like taking pictures :) I already have a post in mind of my latest knitting project so be on the look out! 
Ok Ok Ok, I just like pictures so here's one!
Me and Mom at the Trans Siberian Orchestra Concert in April 2012! Mom and Dad got me tickets for my 20th birthday, so me and Mom went! It... Was... AMAZING!!! :D I love them so much :)
Isn't that just the COOLEST PICTURE EVER!!! We had really good seats! Right in the middle section, only about half way back. Awesomesaucetastic! 

Anyways, so there it is! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! I am going to drink some hot tea with honey, knit, and watch LOST. :)

Taylor Kay

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