Friday, February 22, 2013

Apocalyptic Snow Storm!

... According to some news stations...
*cough* Fox News *cough*
Yeah, so apparently this was supposed to be some huge storm that would have given us like... 2 feet of snow... Mmhmm. Not much there. But it didn't stop me from freaking out about it cuz I had to work this morning at 7 before any of the plows came out! Honestly it wasn't bad tho.
It was actually kind of pretty! It was those big fat flakes of snow in the morning, then it went to those kind of shimmery shiny flakes by the end of the day. Yeah, it's been snowing since I woke up this morning. But what can you expect in Wisconsin?
I was telling Emilie, at work, that we need to get a new groundhog. HA! Cuz since his prediction that we would have an early spring, we have had probably 3 big blizzards. LIAR!!! But then I came across an interesting thought. Maybe because we are having an early spring, winter is just trying to cram in all the weather that we would have had spread out over those extra 3 weeks of winter that is now 3 weeks of spring. See what I mean?
What an artistic picture!
I didn't even really mean for it to turn out this cool :)
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Hope you have a wonderful Friday night!
Don't get stuck in any snow piles :)
Taylor Kay

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Createology said...

Our snow must have moved on to land on you. It is beautiful and silent and ethereal. Thankfully you didn't have any issues driving in it. Sunshine is melting ours...I did have to shovel off the deck. Our pond is still frozen. Sunshine Smiles...