Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Ramblings Of A Movie Lover - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Hi Everybody!
So I decided I'm going to start a kind of themed post. (We will see how long this lasts)
Anyways, what it's going to be is anytime I feel like rambling about a movie, I'm going to ramble about it... Uh... Yeah. So, I'm going to call it Random Ramblings Of A Movie Lover! Cuz I sure am a great lover of movies!
Today I am going to ramble about Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief!
I guess the reason why I'm going to ramble about this particular movie is because I am currently almost finished reading the book!
So, as you may have guessed, I saw the movie before I read the book... long before I read the book... Like 3 whole years the movie was out before I read the book. Haha! Anyways, I like the movie! I have nothing bad at all to say about the movie. I like the acting and I thought the story was good, had a good pace and kept you interested! But... there's just one thing... it's not really anything like the book. Haha!
As I was reading it, I kept thinking back to the movie and was like "Huh... that didn't happen... oh they are on that team?... oh so that whole scene didn't actually take place... wait... Annabeth has blonde hair?... Percy doesn't have eyes as blue as some Greek sea?... Grover has long shaggy hair?..." etc etc etc. Basically it felt like 2 completely different things but the people in them have the same names. Haha!
I can't imagine what the people who were hardcore fans of the book thought of the movie. It was probably the same way I felt about the Eragon movie. Haha! But they are making the second book, Sea of Monsters, and it's supposed to come out this year! So people must have liked it enough to keep going with the series... unlike Eragon... Ha!
Basically, to end my random rambling,
I very much enjoy the movie (I just watched it a couple days ago), and I am very much enjoying the book! Only 4 chapters left then its on to Book 2! :)
So ends my first Random Ramblings Of A Movie Lover!
We shall see if I can keep it up! ;)
Its Day 4 and there's still bunches of time left!
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Have a super wonderful night!
Taylor Kay

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Two Cables and a Frapp said...

That's a great idea to talk about the movies you love. I'm pretty sure I saw this movie but every time I try to remember what it was about Harry Potter keeps getting in the way ! LOL ! I do remember liming it though.