Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Poor OCD...

So, today I finished reading Brisingr. 
(It is the 3rd book of the Inheritance Cycle 
by Christopher Paolini) 
Remember the book Eragon? Well, it's the same series! Now, I am a pretty big fan of books. I've read a few good series, like Hunger Games and Twilight and such, but I must say that the Inheritance Cycle is BY FAR my favorite series ever! Eragon (the first book) is probably my favorite book of all time! It's funny cuz I don't remember exactly when I got the book, but I do remember it was from my aunt Laura because she knew how much I loved it. (Must have read it in school before I had my own copy) But I tell you what I have probably read that book about 15 times and it's still amazing! I would definitely recommend it! 

And oh my goodness... if you have seen that poor excuse for a movie that is called Eragon... please please PLEASE don't let it affect your reading. It is the most HORRID rendition of a book to movie EVER.
NO! Eragon has BROWN hair, not BLONDE! Arya has BLACK hair, not ORANGE! There was not a SINGLE character they got right... except the Shade... UGH I was appalled... So if you have seen the movie and haven't read the book, trust me the book is SO much better!

Ok, done with that little rant. Now to start another one! 
So I am the kind of person that if I get a book that is hardcover, I have to get all the other books in that series in hardcover also. Same goes for paper backs. And same also goes for the design on the front and everything. So, when the 4th book came out in late 2011, I was super excited!!! But I had to wait to buy it because it was only in hardcover to start (and I had all paper backs). Aaand, they had also made a new design for the paper back versions. (They have a different picture on the front and it's just not the same and I don't like it as much) 
Here's the new design. Same picture but it's all zoomed in and stuff and it doesn't have the cool borders and the neat writing and everything. :P Altogether I just don't like it.
 So while I have the first 3 in the old design, my OCD kicks in and I don't want to buy the 4th one with the new design! And I don't think they are making it in the old design!!! I don't know what to do!!! :( Should I just buy the new book with the new design or buy all 4? Or just deal with it and buy the new one in hardcover because at least then it would have the same picture... No... I don't really like hardcovers... see the pickle I'm in? So I guess I will just sit here... waiting... wishing... hoping... that they make the book in the old design in paper back. Wouldn't that be nice?

Anyways, yeah this was a totally random post but I just felt like blogging. :) To whoever reads this, please read Eragon. It is a great book and a great series! 
Have a wonderful night!

Taylor Kay

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