Monday, February 25, 2013

Wasting Life... Like A Pro

So, I have been wanting to do a post for the last couple days, but I couldn't think of what to do a post about.
Sure I could do it about knitting or one of the other things on Taylor's List Of Daily Doings... which just consists of eat, sleep, and work...
But, I haven't been knitting...
What have I been doing you may ask?
Well, let me introduce you to

Dan And Phil!
 They are a couple of British YouTubers who have taken up all of my spare time.
I've been subscribed to them for a while but haven't seen everything. So basically I have been re-watching ALL of their YouTube videos... 
And debating on whether or not to buy this shirt...
 The shirt is pretty much awesomesaucetastic. 
It sums up basically everything. Haha!
Their YouTube names are danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil

 Yup, so there's my life.
And just when you think you've seen all their videos, you find more!!! 
And they are really funny too!
They like to draw cat whiskers on their faces! So that automatically makes them awesome
Basically I would like to meet them.
But the likelihood of that happening is very extra slim to none. Which I guess is ok. Cuz even if I did meet them, I would just be completely awkward as usual and just be like...
... Hi... *walks away*
Plus they are in London (which I will probably never go there), and when they come to the US they are always in places like Florida or California. 
Wisconsin is too far north.
Ah well, such is life.
I will just go on watching their videos.
And listening to their show on BBC Radio 1. 
I might get something done in the next week...
Maybe... ;)  

Ooo! Something exciting!
I am shipping my giveaway hat tomorrow! YAY!

Sorry if you came to my blog today to read something that would be worthwhile... But I just felt like blogging and this was the only thing. Haha! But now you can't say that you've never heard of Dan and Phil! So I guess it was good for something ;)

Have a GREAT night!
Taylor Kay

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