Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Hello Everybody!
So today, seeing as it is Saturday, we went SHOPPING! Ha! It's like there is nothing else to do on a Saturday... just like everyone else... who is also shopping... so you are just part of the madness. Yeah, I am not a big shopper and definitely not the person who goes on Saturdays. 
BUT! Today was a special day because I had a purchase coupon for Joann Fabrics! So OF COURSE I had to go and make good use of this! So I bought a bunch of YARN! There is no better thing than coming home with a bag full of new yarn! :)

So while I was shopping around, I found another FREE pattern. (I'm not gonna say what it is because I'm going to knit it and surprise everyone!) But here is the yarn I got for said project
Sugar 'n Cream is one of my favorite brands. They knit up amazing wash cloths and... other... things... ;) NOPE I'M NOT TELLING!!!

But I also found THIS yarn! 
It is Caron Simply Soft
I have never heard of or used this yarn, but it was on sale and I just grabbed a skein and felt it and oh my goodness is it SOFT!!! I have a couple hat patterns that I think it would be PERFECT for! And the colors are so pretty too :) I had a hard time choosing which colors I wanted, there were so many gorgeous ones!

Needless to say I am really excited to start some more projects with my NEW YARN! But now the question is... should I finish the ones I have going, or just start these and have about 5 going at once? Haha! We shall see :)

  Taylor Kay

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