Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pepe Le Pew Wishes You A Happy Valentine's Day!

I suppose I could start this post by saying...
Happy Valentine's Day!
Some people are quite nice on Valentine's Day.
Bringing candy and flowers to the people they love.

Being overly affectionate and sweet in public.

  But that's ok, because today is VALENTINE'S DAY!

Then there's me... with a mallet... ;)
HA! Don't get me wrong! I have nothing against Valentine's Day and doting on the people you love, but shouldn't you do that every day? I guess Valentine's Day is just the only day that public displays of affection are acceptable. And by golly people are gonna publicly display! 
I guess I just never really got into all that. I mean I really liked it when I was a kid and we got valentines for all of our classmates and made little bags to hang off the front of our desks. And you always picked your favorite valentine to give to the person you had a crush on! Haha!
I suppose I don't really mind Valentine's Day. Mom and Dad get me a card, usually I get one in the mail from my Grandma too. I guess it would hold a little more significance for me if I was married or something. We shall see
But anyways,

(might post later if I get bored :) Ha!)

Taylor Kay

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