Thursday, February 14, 2013

What's On YOUR Needles?

What's on YOUR knitting needles today?

I have a couple projects going. 
Here is a brown square with left and right twists in it.
It is for a blanket that I am making. It is made with about 20 knit squares sewn together. 
I only have 1 other square done so it might take me a while to be finished. But I am pretty excited about it! Some of the patterns look really fun and interesting. I was going to try and finish this square tonight, only need a couple more rounds of the pattern to go, but I think I will wait till tomorrow.

My other project is one I started because all my knitting stuff was packed away, including all my pattern books. So I shopped around JoAnns and found a free cable scarf pattern, got the materials to make it, and brought it to knit night!
 It is rather tedious... which by the way is not my favorite kind of pattern... It has to measure about 60" and then you make pockets to go on each side. The pockets are what convinced me to make it, thought it was a neat idea! But it will definitely be a while before I finish it mostly because I don't like how tedious it is. HA!

Anyways, hope you had a good Valentine's Day! Mom and Dad got me candy and a neat pen with my name on it. :) 
Have a great rest of your night!

 Taylor Kay

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Sue said...

The cable scarf is looking beautiful. I am sure you will memorise the pattern and then it will knit up a lot faster!