Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cutie Pie! - Day 21

 Blogger Buddies, Meet Austin! :)
He is the little sweetie that I babysit once a week! 
... I would tell you how old he is, but I'm not really sure... HA! I believe he is 2. Some babysitter I am... don't even know how old the kid is. ;) Hehe! 
Ah, quality time spent in front of the TV. He is melting his brains at a young age. ;) I had to stop this immediately. HAHA! So we played with this basketball game... which was actually kinda rigged to lose. The little shooter-flinger-thing actually shot the ball above and beyond the court... so it was kinda pointless... BUT FUN!!! :) 
So here's a big smile for you! Hoping that you had a pretty awesome Thursday! :)

Taylor Kay

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Tay! So glad to see you and austin are having a blast together! We appreciate all you do and know Austin is lovin' it too! Being fun---must get that from me :)