Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's On YOUR Needles? - Day 20

What's on your knitting needles today?
 Today, I just started making this "Haughty Hat". I love that I have about 50 skeins of yarn so that when I find a pattern, I can just dig through my yarn till I find the weight I need! :)
I can't wait to get this hat finished!!! I am still thinking about which color buckle to get for the finished touch... Hmm... Any suggestions? 
Please, no purple or green. Ix-nay on the ikings-Vay... and I don't need another Packers hat. ;)
As you may know from yesterday, my days are all sorts of messed up... BUT today I can say : 

Have a wonderful middle-of-the-week day! :)

Taylor Kay


Createology said...

Taylor this hat will look fabulous on you. Happy knitting...

Sue said...

What a great hat, and yes it is good when you can go shopping in your own stash of yarn isnt it.